Benefits end-users could have if the suppliers awarded reach the final phase

The current solutions in phase II seek to meet the objectives proposed for the eCare project, such as offering disruptive digital solutions for the prevention and comprehensive management of frailty that promote independent living and well-being, as well as reducing the budgetary pressure of health and care services.
But at the same time, the suppliers try to meet the needs of older adults, based on their knowledge in the field and their experience. Those needs are mostly based on physical activity, socialization, healthcare and personal security.

Recent findings from WHO show that approximately 15% of adults aged 60 and over suffer from a mental disorder, mostly dementia and depression. Elderly vulnerability to chronic health conditions puts them in need of appropriate and accessible health care. Also, the ability to treat the disease early and prevent suffering from chronic conditions. Older people living with chronic conditions have unmet care needs related to their physical and psychological health, social life, as well as the environment in which they live and interact.

Here we present the four solutions and how they plan to improve older adult’s life and what makes their solution different and unique.


SmartFOR solution leverages the patient-centric approach by involving users in their care journey with their caregivers and healthcare professionals. Older adults will have the possibility not only to participate in their own care plan but having control of it. The solution will foster self-management and independent living by providing training, a community platform and virtual assistance.

SmartFOR is a disruptive, innovative, and comprehensive care management system to provide customized therapeutic solutions and early care interventions


Their solution will strengthen older adults’ capabilities. The solution provides a comprehensive approach, based on a set of technologies that comprises a monitoring sub-system for screening and follow-up, a digitalized older adult care model, and a virtual assistant for the delivery of preventive, therapeutic, and educational interventions. It will give peace of mind because users will feel safe and cared for.


Bonvita solution aims to have active and healthy old adults as much as possible, in the comfort of their homes. The solution supports shared care plans that involve various stakeholders. It exploits views specifically designed for care professionals, informal caregivers, and older adults. It requires minimal internet connection and it is accessible through web interfaces, TV sets, mobile devices, and desktop computers, enabling interconnection with sensors and wearables available in the market.


Evidenze believes that with digital technologies there’s an opportunity to reach old adults. It’s not a replacement for social contact but an enhancement for care delivery. Their solution, called SOFI (SOcial and Frailty Innovation), will be composed of a website platform addressed to healthcare professionals, social workers or other administrative staff to follow up on the old adults’ life, and a mobile application addressed to primary users: old adults and their caregivers. Pulso will develop the whole solution with the support of subcontracted companies that have experience in the development of some of the features.

Longevity is one of the greatest achievements of modern societies. In fact, children born after 2011 have a one in three chance of turning 100 years old, and in 2020, a quarter of Europeans were over 60. This, combined with low birth rates, will cause significant changes in the structure of European society in the coming years.

Our commitment is to support older adults to live not only longer, but also better. In the 21st century, ageing has to be healthy, active, and technologically more connected than ever.