Open Market consultation

In preparation of the PCP call for tender, an Open Market Consultation (OMC) with potential tenderers and end-users will be held to broach the views of the market about our scope.

What is an OMC for?

The purpose of the OMC is to canvass wide stakeholder opinion on the suitability of eCare PCP. With the market consultation, the consortium will inform the market about the eCARE opportunities, explain in detail the PCP process  and open a dialogue with potential suppliers about the scope of eCARE. The aim is to prepare an accurate procurement with a feasible scope by finding out whether technologies are commercially available, learn more about the  advantages and disadvantages of coverage of the desired functionalities, and assess whether we should include other aspects not initially considered.

A technical dialogue with the industry. Come and innovate with us!


The Prior Information Notice (PIN) announces an open market consultation and provides information about a planned pre-commercial procurement (PCP) carried out by the eCARE project, addressing the delivery of disruptive  digital solutions for the prevention and comprehensive management of frailty to encourage independent living, wellbeing and to relieve health and care services budget pressure.

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eCARE is looking to procure the development, testing and implementation of digital tools/services and communication concepts to facilitate the transition to integrated care models across health and social services and country-specific  cross-institutional set-ups, including decentralised procurement environments and collaboration across institutions.

The PIN was published on 05/08/2020, updated on 31/05/2021, and it can be found on TED.

OMC: Give us your



In order to gain this knowledge, companies in the EU will be invited to fill in an online questionnaire on the eCare PCP Challenge. Let us know about your experience and existing solutions before next 30th November 2020.

After the deadline, surveys will be analysed to finalise the PCP preparation and design.

The ’Partner Search’ section of the questionnaire is addressed to facilitate matchmaking among potential suppliers in need of support in the building of consortia capable of addressing the needs of the eCARE procurers in full.

This part of the questionnaire will remain open until the closure of the Call for Tenders.


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If you are a health or social care professional, a patient or an organisation representing the interests of patients, a caregiver… we also want to hear from you!

What should the solution include for being really interesting for patients? Are the eCare procurers needs also relevant to you? Let us know by completing the questionnaire before next 30th November 2020.


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The eCARE procurers offered a series of webinars to present the the eCare PCP, solve questions and gather relevant feedback that can inform the tender preparation.

All details are available below.

OMC in Germany

27th of May 2021
Hosted by University Hospital RWTH

It was conducted in German


OMC International

3rd of November 2020
Hosted by all the procurers. It was conducted in English


OMC in Italy

29th of October 2020
Hosted by Azienda Sanitaria Locale Benevento

It was conducted in Italian


OMC in Spain

22nd of October 2020
Hosted by Santander City Council and Consorci Sanitari Integral.

It was conducted in Spanish



OMC Resources


Check here the materials related to the Open Market Consultation phase

OMC resources

Find partners


We encourage companies that cannot cover the whole eCARE PCP solution to team up with other companies. Especially for SMEs it may not be easy to cover the whole bandwidth. The following companies are currently interested in finding partners to create consortia and participate in eCARE PCP. Have a look if they complement your profile and get in touch with them using the given contact details.


If you want to be on the list, please register by filling in the OMC questionnaire.

Sign up for partner search

If you want to look for partners, go to the eCARE matchmaking section and check the opportunities!

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FAQs section

Suppliers can submit questions relating to the eCARE procurement centrally by sending an email to

Answers will be elaborated jointly by the eCARE procurers and made available on this page.

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