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eCare step by step

Phase description

In eCare this process will consisted of:

  • · Two market consultation questionnaires
  • · 4 consultation workshops (Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany)
  • · A joint webinar with all the procurers
  • · Matchmaking to encourage collaboration between potential tenderers

During the first months of the project, eCare partners will work in the specification and definition of needs. The results will be:

Open Market Consultation

The OMC aims at actively approach to the market to find out about the state of the art and current development in the related sector. This phase is the initial core activity where the first dialogue between demand and supply-side takes place.

Call for Tender

eCare to release a tender for companies interested in participating in the development of digital solutions for frailty prevention in old adults

During the call for tender phase, the eCare consortium will answer questions by tenderers in order to support companies and ease their participation in the PCP process.


Phase description

The selected providers according to the evaluation procedures and criteria will continue in PCP phase 1.

Each provider will focus on the elaboration of the solution design for its own specific implementation approach to address the procurement need.

The solution designs are evaluated by the Evaluation Committee; best solutions will move on to PCP phase 2.


Phase description

Development of the technical solutions will be executed by the contractors whose designs have passed the first phase of the PCP.

The prototypes are evaluated by the Evaluation Committee and eCare proceeds with the best prototype solutions to PCP phase 3.


Phase description

Now it’s time to verify and compare the performance (interoperability, scalability, etc.) of the different solutions in real-life operational conditions of the targeted public service.

The main output of this phase usually includes a test product specification, a field test and an updated cost/benefit evaluation. A preliminary business plan will be developed.