Following the evaluation of the eight innovative approaches which started the competitive process at the end of 2021, eCare’s four procurers have selected the four most promising ones, which proceed to a prototype development phase.

Learn more about the different proposals and the participating suppliers by selecting a supplier profile.

The suppliers
  • Bilbest

    The consortium led by Bilbest will develop SmartFOR: a disruptive, innovative and comprehensive care management system powered by artificial intelligence to provide customised therapeutic solutions and early care interventions in monitoring, predicting and preventing frailty and frailty-related symptoms in older adults.

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  • Televes

    Their proposed solution is based on a set of technologies that comprises a monitoring sub-system for screening and follow-up, a digitalized older adult care model, and a virtual assistant for the delivery of preventive, therapeutic, and educational interventions.

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  • Former Grupo PULSO

    PULSO has designed SOFI, which will include different tools to detect frailty and pre-frailty in old adults. These technologies will make the solution capable of providing professionals with a tool to screen older adults and identify those who might have frailty or pre-frailty, not only from the clinical, physical and psychological point of view but also from a socioeconomic perspective.

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    FORTH is the coordinator of the consortium that will develop BONVITA, which moves beyond the state of the art, offering a holistic technology platform, integrating all components that are essential for the effective screening, prevention and management of frailty and pre-frailty supporting integrated pathways and developing knowledge sharing.

    Also, is able to support in practice shared care plans that involve various stakeholders.

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