Former Grupo PULSO

Their solution is called SOFI (SOcial and Frailty Innovation), and will be composed by a website platform addressed to healthcare professionals, social workers or other administrative staff to follow-up the old adults’ life, and a mobile application addressed to primary users -old adults- and their caregivers. Pulso will develop the whole solution with the support of subcontracted companies that have experience on the development of some of the features.

The solution will contain the following main functionalities: Screening socioeconomic population, Chatbot, Surveys, Risk prevention algorithm, Music recommendation system, Physical exercises, Nutrition support, Nutrition intake, Wearable integration, Biofeedback and relaxation exercises, Mood analysis through voice recording, Stress analysis through voice recording, Services marketplace, Education contents, Google maps, SOS Button outdoor, Medical prescription module and My to do list.

Consortium led by Former Grupo PULSO
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