They will develop the BONVITA Digital Solution, that moves beyond the state of the art, offering a holistic technology platform that integrates all essential components for the effective screening, prevention and management of frailty and prefrailty.

BONVITA supports shared care plans that involve various stakeholders. It exploits views specifically designed for care professionals, informal caregivers, and older adults. It is accessible through web interfaces, TV sets, mobile devices, desktop computers, enabling interconnection with sensors and wearables available in the market.

BONVITA requires minimal internet connection and interoperates with legacy systems, supporting integrated pathways and knowledge sharing. It incorporates services to support lifestyle monitoring, medication management, education and training, intelligent planning, recommendations, alerts, serious games, smart calendars, an intelligent dashboard, reporting and analytics. AI algorithms perform patient stratification, risk prediction and frailty detection. All functionalities are also available through voice using an intelligent virtual carer.

Consortium led by FORTH
  • Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas


  • Uni Systems Information Technology Systems