SmartFOR is a disruptive, innovative, and comprehensive care management system to provide customized therapeutic solutions and early care interventions in monitoring and preventing frailty for older adults. SmartFOR uses advanced ICT infrastructures that access real-time information for safe and efficient user-centric care management and integrate medical devices and data/information systems for regular and instant communication. The fundamental approach of SmartFOR’s care management leverages IoT resources and advanced data integration and analytics, combining AI and machine learning tools to meet the demand for decision support needs and continuum of care of frailty.

SmartFOR aims to be the new landmark in mobile health solutions for older adults to empower and maintain their well-being through different digital tools that offer cognitive and psychosocial interventions as well as physical care management by exploiting state-of-the-art technology in its innovative applications.

Consortium led by Bilbest
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