eCare PCP keeps moving and announces relevant project updates

  • University Hospital RWTH Aachen joins the eCare buyers group
  • Falkiewicz Specialist Hospital in Wrocław leaves the project
  • Science & Innovation Link Office (SILO) joins the project to assume the coordination instead of Jaggaer
  • The Call for Tenders is planned for summer 2021
  • A webinar to present the changes in the PCP will take place in May 2021


eCare PCP announced earlier this year a delay in the Call for Tenders due to several internal changes. The project is now ready to move ahead with the planning and brings some important updates.

University Hospital RWTH Aachen enters the eCare buyers group

The University Hospital RWTH Aachen, based in Germany, has joined eCare as a procurer. The hospital combines patient-oriented medicine and care, teaching and research at an international level. With 34 specialized clinics, 25 institutes and five interdisciplinary units, the university hospital covers the entire medical spectrum.

The direct implications of Aachen becoming part of the consortium are that the German procurer will participate in the evaluation of offers in each of the PCP Phases, the solutions developed must be available in German and Phase 3 suppliers will have to test the solution with end-users of the Aachen University Hospital.

Besides, Aachen is preparing a webinar to introduce eCare to their local ecosystem in Germany on the 27th May at 11.00 CET, as the rest of procurers did during the Open Market Consultation. It will be conducted in German and registration is available here.

Falkiewicz Specialist Hospital in Wrocław leaves the project

Due to internal adjustments to answer the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Falkiewicz Specialist Hospital has decided to leave the project. The tender requirements will of course exclude the need to make the solutions available in Polish and to test them in Wrocław. Falkiewicz will not participate in the evaluation of offers.

SILO joins the project to bring unique knowledge on R&D and business development

Science & Innovation Link Office (SILO) is a consulting company with public-private experience that works with hospitals, administrations and innovative companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health technology sectors. SILO will overtake Jaggaer’s responsibilities as coordinator, supporting the procurers to implement the PCP.

Updated tender schedule and next steps

The eCare procurers plan to launch a Call for Tenders in July 2021, which will remain open for 2 months. The date is still tentative, given that the tender has to be reviewed by the European Commision prior to its publication. However, market players are encouraged to prepare for summer 2021.

All market players are invited to join a webinar in English on the 25th May 11.00 CET. REGISTER HERE!


The eCare team will explain relevant project updates, introduce the new partners, and devote some time for questions and answers with interested market players. Registration is now open in the link above.

The webinar will be recorded and made available on our website.