eCare Prior Information Notice (PIN) has been published


eCare keeps moving forward! As we reported last March, due to the Covid-19 situation we needed to postpone some of the activities planned for the first half of 2020. Now we are happy to announce that the Prior Information Notice (PIN) has been officially published. 

This PIN publication means that we will be able to organise the Open Market Consultation (OMC) phase between October and December 2020. During this phase, eCare is organising several workshops and online questionnaires to gather the thoughts and points of view from the industry, healthcare organisations, patients and carers. 

 The eCare workshops will take place in October. As an update: all workshops will turn to webinars, in order to celebrate them online and facilitate your attendance. Final dates & registration to be launched in September.  

We encourage you to mark October as a relevant month on your calendar! Your feedback will really make a difference in the evolution of the eCare project.

We will keep you posted through our channels – social media, website and newsletter (register now here!). Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!


Go to the eCare PIN publication


What is a Prior Information Notice?

A Prior Information Notice (PIN) is a method for providing the market place with early notification of intent to award a contract/framework. This can lead to early supplier discussions which may help inform the development of the tender.

Find out more about what the Prior Information Notice is here