eCare Project final event in Santander

eCare Project is reaching its end with plenty of lessons learned and insights to share. After a long journey of research, development, training, testing, feedback loops, improvements, and many actors involved, the pilots are facing the last weeks of work.

To share all the knowledge acquired and the two final solutions that have been field testing with end users during this phase, we will celebrate our final event in the frame of the RECI, Smart Cities Network technical committee that will take place next week in Santander.

The event will have a first public session in which companies and key stakeholders in the sector are invited to participate and learn first-hand about the trends and cutting-edge topics most relevant to smart cities and the good practices that city councils have carried out in these areas. areas. These key themes for smart cities include:

  • Open innovation
  • Data governance
  • Artificial intelligence in improving citizen services
  • Digital Twin
  • Data spaces for cities
  • Intelligent building management
  • Innovative Public Procurement