II Consortium meeting and interim meeting with Phase I suppliers in Italy

Last week we had our consortium meeting in Benevento (Italy), at our lead procurer premises, where most of the consortium had the opportunity to meet face to face for the first time since late 2019. The meeting was oriented towards presenting the project progress and we discussed the next steps, the upcoming phase II and its future implementation, as well as actions needed for improvement. Items in the agenda include management, supplier monitoring and communication and dissemination activities.

It is well known that these meetings use to be very long, and at the end of day 1, we had the opportunity to get introduced to the Vivifrail initiative, which is offering activities to prevent frailty. Our physician, Marta from CSI, prepared a session with a bunch of exercises that help older adults to remain active. We had a lot of fun practising with the balloons!

Likewise, we also had the interim meeting with Phase I contractors. The eight suppliers had the chance to get deeper into their proposals during the individual meetings with the buyers’ group. In parallel, they also answered an interview and performed a pitch in front of the camera. They’re preparing amazing solutions to prevent frailty in old adults and we had the opportunity to talk to each of them about their proposals.

Both were very fruitful meetings and soon we will show you the amazing material we’ve brought from Benevento. For now, we have summarized the consortium meeting experience in a short video. Have a look at it!