Prototype demonstration meeting with contractors in Aachen, Germany

Despite difficult conditions such as massive strikes in air traffic, as well as in local and long-distance traffic of the Deutsche Bahn, finally, it was possible for a part of the consortium to participate in the on-site long-awaited prototype demonstration meeting that took place the last 28th and 29th March 2023 in Aachen.

Thanks to the meeting hosts, those who cannot attend were able to join the demonstration of the contractors via online connection and thus also gain a good impression of the progress of the prototypes. The on-site demonstration was also a good opportunity for the consortium to get to know the digital solutions in detail and to get a holistic impression of the components and their interaction.

Of course, socializing was not to be neglected either, so we spent a cheerful evening in the “Postwagen”, a traditional Aachen restaurant, with delicious local delicacies and a guided tour through the cultural highlights of Aachen. We were very happy to welcome our consortium partners here and are looking forward to further meetings in person!