eMERIT is a patient centred Digital Platform for preventing and supporting frailty. Its particular 360º approach is designed to be flexible and adaptable enough to cover the needs of a large spectrum of use cases such as patients, clinicians, social carers, relatives and policy makers. On the other hand, its scalability and interoperability make it suitable for both healthcare organizations as well as municipalities and regional departments.

Keeping frailty as a core, eMERIT empowers patients with an app based solution supported by wearable devices and provides healthcare and social care professionals a user management system for profiling, prescription and control of shared care plans based on interventions, background control and monitoring. It also promotes social interaction between all peers involved, as well as implements AI solutions for speed and support processes of decision for professionals. Finally, it provides key decision makers aggregated information on frailty to support policies definitions and planning.

Consortium led by Eurecat
  • Fundació Eurecat


  • Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.


  • Doole Health


  • Fundación FLS


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