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In the transition from robustness to disability, there are different stages such as pre-frail and frailty, where prevention and integrated care are the key to improve the quality of life for patients. The consortium established by NTTDATA and ASBAR, aims to develop a solution that adopts a multi-modal approach, with a strong focus on frailty prevention. The eCARE platform is based on the following principles:

  1. Person-centred and personalised medicine.
  2. Truly integrating health and social care services and professionals.
  3. Continuous assessment of the person across the physical, psychological and social dimensions that enables diagnosis and continuous monitoring.
  4. Self-management and improvement of the adherence.
  5. Scalable, Interoperable and based on standards as a basis for eCARe platform extension, replication and adoption.

NTT DATA and ASBAR will co-design and integrate a set of the research services and functionalities to address the unmet needs for the prevention and frail management use cases proposed by eCARE. The platform will consist of a web-based application for professionals, and a mobile application for end users. The System integrates health measurements, psychological and social support, and a predictive capacity.

Consortium led by NTT Data
  • NTT DATA Spain