The eTendering platform and issues to avoid while submitting your proposal

The eCare Tendering process will be entirely managed through our eTendering platform and here you can find some things you should keep in mind before submitting a response.

The access to the e-Tendering platform is through the following link: https://ecare.app.jaggaer.com/web/login.html

You can find the link on our website (call for tenders’ section), as well as in the Tender Documents. The platform is available in English and you should follow two steps to be able to submit a response to the Tender:

  1. Register as a tenderer (supplier) and obtain a user ID and a password
  2. You should express interest in the eCare TENDER


The eTendering platform can only be accessed through a registered user account and by expressing interest in the eCare tender opportunity. Do not leave the submission of your response for the last moment. We recommend following these two steps as soon as possible and to get familiar with the platform to avoid last minute problems. Before submitting your response, you should ensure to have completed all the responses requested in the 3 envelopes, and to have uploaded all the files requested to the platform.

The eSignature

One of the most common issues of the submission is usually the electronic signature and here we will tell you why it is important to test your eSignature tool in advance. This tender requires some documents to be signed electronically, as well as envelopes’ signatures before submission. We recommend you take enough time in advance to get familiar with the platform to ensure that you have:

  • A valid electronic certificate for signature, compliant with the requisites described in the eTendering Platform manual
  • A working electronic signature tool to electronically sign your documents with the certificate.


The process of obtaining a valid electronic certificate for signature is entirely the tenderers’ responsibility and might take several days. We strongly encourage you to take enough time to check your electronic signature and to have enough margin of time in case you have any doubt or problem related to the electronic signature of offers.

The electronic signature of the required documents and envelopes should be done outside the eCare eTendering platform. It is the tenderer’s responsibility to use an electronic signature tool that ensures the legal validity and security of the digital certificate used and of the documents signed.

The certificate used for the signature must be a valid certificate, non-expired, non-revoked, issued by a valid Certification Authority for electronic signature, and it must guarantee the identity and integrity of the offer and the documents associated with it. It must also be issued to the person that submits the tender, or to an expressly authorized person on his/her behalf.

For a list of valid Certification Authorities, please consult the EU trusted List

If you have any problems or doubts regarding the electronic signature of your documents or envelopes’ pdfs, please, contact our Helpdesk as soon as possible and they will be happy to help you. Better if you have enough time before the deadline to solve any issue that may arise, so again, don’t leave all the signatures for the last minute!

Do you already have an eSignature tool? Perfect! We encourage you to try to send any document signed to be sure it is a valid electronic signature and you will not have any problems while submitting your offer.

Responses received without valid electronic signature or received after the deadline of 15th September 2021 at 12:00 midday (CET) will not be considered for evaluation.

* * * * *

The past 7th July we offered a live webinar on how the eTendering Platform works. If you miss it, now you have the chance to watch the recorded session. There will be another live webinar on the 6th of September. If you want to attend, don’t forget to register here.